Alber Family | Pleased to meet you, we’re your host family

The beating heart of our home

Griast enk! – Welcome everybody! We like to describe ourselves as a cheerful little team of genuine and kindly people. We’re always in a good mood, and are even sometimes a bit exuberant; we like to laugh and enjoy the company of others.

Would you like to get to know us better?

Walli and Luis

WALTRAUD – Magic in the kitchen

She’s the life and soul of our home. You’ll find her in the kitchen at any time of day, dancing around with a wooden spoon and preparing some truly amazing dishes. If she’s not busy at the stove creating one of her delicious recipes, she’s sure to be out in the garden. Apparently, she can still grow strawberries in November.

LUIS – Calm personified

… and firefighter by vocation (he was head of the Fire Brigade for 32 years). If anyone needs help, he’s sure to be there! He took over and renovated the Moarhof when he was still in his early twenties. He met Walli when she was working as a waitress at the inn, fell in love with her and married her. His secret talent? Calming the natural exuberance of the women at the Moarhof.

Manu and Magda

MANU – How does she do everything?!

Whether it’s milking, driving a tractor or making krapfen, Manu will lend her hand to anything. She helps out wherever she’s needed, but in the meantime she’s kept busy managing the farm. She loves chatting to the guests, and really is a tireless worker. You may not always know exactly where she is, but you’ll certainly hear her talking. Her secret talent: finding four-leaf clovers, any time, anywhere!

MAGDA – Our wild card!

When there’s not quite enough backup, and we need extra help… Whoooosh, here comes Magda! She studied at hotel school, and her special skills are a valuable asset. And when we’re under pressure, she’s always willing to lend a hand. She’s also our wine hound.

Magda and Urban Yvonne

URBAN – The house technician

Much more than just a handyman. He’s Magda’s boyfriend (what a stroke of luck)! A keen electrician and talented craftsman, Urban is always on call at the Moarhof. Together with Luis, he enjoys repairing things that no longer work. His greatest love: driving the tractor.

YVONNE – A beautiful hurricane

Little Yvonne has been stirring up things at the Moarhof for a while now. She’s a real charmer. It’s impossible to resist her contagious laughter… who knows, she may even have inherited this from her godmother Manu!