Our farm with animals at Meltina, up above the Adige Valley

The interesting history of our farm

Once upon a time – The beginnings

Let’s go back in time to the 1960s, when Luis’s father, Josef (Seppl), began renting out rooms at the Moarhof. A short while later, he met his wife Ottilia (who was an expert cook, among other things) and together they decided to take over management of the old family farm, with its 200 years of history.

Back then - Sepp and Ottilia Moarhof in the 60s

In the old farm stube, people sang, laughed and danced into the night. Grandpa Seppl was not much good at singing, but dancing, that was in his blood. His crazy dancing also drew in the ladies who were guests at the inn, and he always got a few steps out of each of them, as well as lots of laughs.

At the time, many of the guests travelled by train. Then they took the cable car from Vilpiano to Meltina, where grandpa Seppl would be waiting for them with his “taxi service” – an old ox cart – ready to take them to Salonetto.
On Sundays, they usually laid on an outing for their guests: a tractor ride up to Möltner Kaser mountain hut, at a height of 1,806 metres!

Then things became more challenging at the Moarhof, after the children Luis, Willi, Martin and Reini were all born. Unfortunately, grandpa Seppl died at quite a young age and his eldest son Luis took over the farm at the age of 21. Shortly afterwards he met his great love, Waltraud – a girl from San Genesio and a perfect hostess. Quite soon afterwards, their daughters Magdalena and Manuela were born.

… and now, with the arrival little Yvonne, the next generation shows plenty of promise!

Farmhouse parlor Moarhof formerly Luis and Walli with the 2 girls

Time for a new look…

We made it into 2023 and decided to go a step further: the Moarhof is now a lighter, brighter place, refurbished with lots of wood. Our farm has just been renovated, with the addition of an extension built of solid wood, which our “woodsman” Luis sourced from the Meltina forest. The picture windows let plenty of light into the new building, and also give you stunning views over a vast landscape. Small touches remind you of the past, and create a connection between yesterday and today, the old and the new. Happiness at the Moarhof has a totally different flavour!

New project 2023 - Moarhof Today plan

“Moo” & “Meow” are other ways to say hello!


… because our cat Leika is the self-proclaimed guardian of the Moarhof, and always keeps an eye on the people coming in and out. Our other cat Max is a bit shy, but once the ice is broken he’ll be happy to wind around your legs.

The delightful little horses Daggi and Olivia are also part of the Moarhof gang, as well as the dwarf rabbits Felix (our little darling), Cookie, Hasi, Bailey, Smokey and Batman (don’t be fooled by his name, he’s an absolute treasure).


Apart from these guys, Luis also has an entourage of lovely ladies in the cowshed, because we still keep about two dozen Brown Swiss cows and calves here at our farm. However, there is one that stands out from the herd: a Belgian Blue calf, which we raise every year for our own meat.

Luis loves spoiling his ladies in the cowshed. At 4:30 in the morning, he’ll give them an early massage during their morning grooming: the well-being of his cows always comes first!

P.S. Luis and Waltraud are always happy to receive help from any willing guests who’d like to work on the farm, in the fields, or in the vegetable garden.